Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year 2016 to all of you beauties!

Hope you have a great year surrounded by love,happiness and prosperity

2nd Blog Anniversary + Giveaway!!

Hi my Lovelies! I Can't quite believe it but my baby blog turned 2 today! Seems like just yesterday I created this blog and whoooosh 2 years went by already!

I Have not been able to blog regularly in the past year because of alotof reasons.

First,My health was not the best with something or the other happening almost all the time,finally after getting everything checked up,I am anemiac and my hormones were messed up(if you read my post on PCOS,you will  know about this) and I was given medication to regulate  hormones)

Happiness is created not found+Giveaway

We all come in contact with a large number of people in our lives but how many do we remember?

I am 18 and looking back at my entire lifetime I remember very few people who left a lasting impression on me

One of them I remember is Krishna.

Krishna was the 11 yr old son of my aaya maasi.

He was funny,loved to play football,watch TV more than studies,like many boys his age

What sets him apart is Krishna was born mute and deaf.

Despite his different abilities and being from a very humble background Krishna was one of the most positive person I have met...he was always happy and his positive energy  made others happy.

During his  10th standard exams in 2010,he was a top ranker and got a full scholarship to college

Now he is a successful Engineer working in the Us.

I think Krishna's story is that of strength and doing your best despite challenges and he has made a great impact on my life. He is undeniably #madeofgreat

Now about the Giveaway:
You can win yourself an
Amazon Voucher worth Rs.750 for the best comment  which answers the question "What do you think of Tata Motors' association with Lionel Messi?.

Contest ends 22 November 23.59 am

My Story: Struggle with PCOS : PCOS Awareness Month

Posted by Nia   Posted on  25-2014 

Before I begin this post I would like to give credit to Ankita(Corallista)for her post on her struggle with PCOS

It is through her post that I got to know September is PCOS Awareness Month I could relate a lot to her since this is something so personal and relatable to me and I thought maybe this post could help someone in some way. Since today is 30th September I decided to post at last.
I would like to put a Disclaimer that I am not medically trained to write about medical issues so this post is more of my personal struggle with PCOS  than an article/literature on PCOS itself.

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